FJ Cruiser Grill Lights Installation FJ Cruiser Amber LED Grille Lights Wiring Harness Installation Guide

Please reference the following installation guide to install your new Amber LED Grille Lights, Brackets and Wiring Harness for the 2006-2014 Toyota FJ Cruiser. Professional installation is always highly recommended.

We are not liable for any damage to your vehicle or otherwise that may occur.

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What’s Included:

  • Complete Insulated Wiring Harness with 3x Amber LED Lights
  • 3x Custom Laser Cut Brackets and Stainless Steel Mounting Hardware
  • Add-a-circuit with 2 Fuses
  • Zip-Ties for Harness Securing (Optional)

Tools Needed:

  • 10mm Socket

FJ Cruiser LED Grille Lights Step by Step Installation

1. Open your FJ Cruiser’s hood to gain access to the area behind the grille for the LED installation.

2. Lay out the wiring harness behind the grille – please note the slot between the Y and O in the Toyota logo marks the centered grille slot, however our brackets are universal and be installed with whatever type of spacing configuration you’d like. FJ Cruiser Grill Lights InstallationStart with the driver side LED, separating the LED from the bracket and mounting hardware so that the LED and Bracket can be passed through the grille from the back.

FJ Cruiser Grill Lights Installation

3. Secure the LEDs with the bolt and mounting hardware from the backside of the grille. Repeat this step for all three LEDs – from driver side to the Passenger Side.

FJ Cruiser Grill Lights Installation

4. For the cleanest possible install, we recommend inserting the connecting point of the lights and harness into the area above the grille mesh – please reference the photo below for an example.

FJ Cruiser Grill Lights Installation After the first driver side light is installed, please pass through the bolts and harness above the center support channel as shown in the next photo. This will help keep the harness in place and not visible from the front of the grille.

FJ Cruiser Grill Lights Installation

The harness should now look like this:

FJ Cruiser Grill Lights Installation

5. Locate the ground terminal on the apron. It is a 10mm bolt. Follow the wire from the negative terminal on the battery to the 10mm ground bolt on the apron. With the negative terminal on the battery disconnected (optional), remove the bolt to add your harnesses’ ground terminal (circular end). Re-tighten the ground terminal to the apron.

FJ Cruiser Grill Lights Installation

6. Once your LED lights are secure to your grille you’ll want to run your wiring harness along the driver side fender and battery leading the harness to the fuse box. Secure the harness along the way using the provided Zip Ties.

FJ Cruiser Grill Lights Installation

Note: some variations of our harnesses may be secured at points other than the one pictured below.  Do not attempt to stretch the harness to reach any mounting point as it may compromise the strength of the connections.

7. The red single wire in this picture is used to show where the power will enter the fuse box.  The power wire can be wrapped around to the corner of the fuse box where there is a slot open for entry.

FJ Cruiser Grill Lights Installation

Please see the next picture for the “Add-A-Fuse” location.

8. Remove the Red 10 Amp INJ  fuse or and insert the Add-A-Fuse with the two Red 10 Amp inserted in its place.

FJ Cruiser Grill Lights Installation

Install the fuse box lid securely.
Test the installation by turning your vehicle power on. The lights are on when the car has its ignition switch turned on.
If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us for assistance.