Tacoma TRD PRO Amber LED

We’re excited to officially announce the YOTA LEDS 3rd Gen Tacoma Amber LED Grill Lights Wiring Harness and Bracket Kit for the TRD PRO / TRD PRO Style Grill. Our kit includes a complete plug-and-play wiring harness. The wiring harness is professionally built and insulated with a protective housing to ensure reliability when installed in your 3rd Gen Tacoma. Each Amber LED is installed flush and clean with your Tacoma TRD PRO Grill using our custom, laser cut grill brackets, designed to fit perfectly in the grill. The brackets are anodized black for a stealthy and OEM look, without you having to worry about rusting or corrosion.

Our complete wiring harness and brackets take no more than 30 minutes to install with minimal tools and electrical knowledge required!

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